Funny redneck dog

He probably just got the news about possible gun ban..

Superdog to the rescue

This looks like a job for….. A SMALL BLACK DOG WITH A CAPE! 🙂

Fat orange cat chillin’

Thats his cucumber and he means it. Seriously. Fatass cat eating healthy 🙂

No he can’t read my poooker faacee :) Dog playing cards

not sure if he’s bluffing or just wants to hump your leg, are you? guessing this is a chiuaua, either way, he loves to pose for the camera

Cute tiger babies

Just look at these 3 little beasts 😀
a) crybaby, b) grumpy c) sleepy

these baby tigers are waaaay cuter than stuffy toys no matter how soft or huggable, they cannot make them as fluffy as these kitties 🙂 until they grow up that is..

Beautiful Bunny with a small pussy

well, couldnt resist.. misleading title for pervs amongst you, but still a cute pic of these two furry little creatures 🙂

Funny cat picture

Gimme gimme gimme! sweet sweet cough syrup nom nom nom 😀

Sleepy monorail racoon resting

There are lots of monorail cats out there, but this is a rare find 🙂 a furry masked thief racoon decided to get some tan on someones porch, probably after eating everything in the fridge while breaking and entering

Sleeping rottweiler puppy


ok this is a commercial funny rottweiler puppy photo but nevertheless, he’s a cute chubby little guy and deserves a spot here

Funny owl observers

Well, what do you know? 🙂 after more than a full year, a new funny animal pic/post! Sorry about that guys, got caught up with other things, but funny animals pic post is back!

Stay alert for new updates, like these funny owls below