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Pictures of cute animals

Cute tiger babies

Just look at these 3 little beasts 😀
a) crybaby, b) grumpy c) sleepy

these baby tigers are waaaay cuter than stuffy toys no matter how soft or huggable, they cannot make them as fluffy as these kitties 🙂 until they grow up that is..

Beautiful Bunny with a small pussy

well, couldnt resist.. misleading title for pervs amongst you, but still a cute pic of these two furry little creatures 🙂

Sleeping rottweiler puppy


ok this is a commercial funny rottweiler puppy photo but nevertheless, he’s a cute chubby little guy and deserves a spot here

Funny owl observers

Well, what do you know? 🙂 after more than a full year, a new funny animal pic/post! Sorry about that guys, got caught up with other things, but funny animals pic post is back!

Stay alert for new updates, like these funny owls below

Ticklish dog

Sometimes watching these animal pics and seeing how they can enjoy the simples things to the fullest, I envy them, no bills to pay, no responsibility, just eat your food and get pet 😉

Puffy little animal

Not sure even what kind of a furry coated little guy this is, but he seems to like carrot.. and centre of attention 🙂

Funny shaved mouse

He’s so ugly that he looks kinda cute I guess, I know some people who freak out when they see a mouse, but this wrinkly little guy is funny

Scared kitty says please..

But but, I didn’t do it 🙂
this little kitty is beyond cute

Very small chameleon

I think this little guy doesn’t even need his chameleon camouflage abilities to go unnoticed 🙂

A Really fast dog

For the life of me I cannot remember which commercial this was taken from, still very funny, I’d love to have a dog like that 🙂