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Pictures of cute animals

Cat and bunny

We wish you all the best in the New Year and want you to get along with everyone like we do 🙂

Orange kitten

Extremely cute little kitten, does look a bit pissed over something though 🙂

Cute puppy

No other comment than – a cute puppy picture

Hello kitty

Funny hiding kitty saying hello

Cute white lamb jumping

This photo would fit a cartoon better than real life situations, but props to the photographer for catching this cute little white lamb while jumping with all 4 legs up in a green field, absolutely cute and amazing 🙂

Friendly owl

Check out this good guy 😀 rofl, owls are sooo cool, you can see their mood swings, there are curious owls, wise owls, grumpy owls and simply stupid loking owls 🙂

Funny hamster eating a slice of tangerine

Hehe this little hamster is just adorable with his big chunk of food for dinner 🙂

The cutest little bunny eating a carrot

absolutely cute bunny eating a carrot
Opening post in our cute animals category is this adorable tiny bunny rabbit eating a carrot out of a mans hand