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Photos of funny animals

Superdog to the rescue

This looks like a job for….. A SMALL BLACK DOG WITH A CAPE! πŸ™‚

Fat orange cat chillin’

Thats his cucumber and he means it. Seriously. Fatass cat eating healthy πŸ™‚

No he can’t read my poooker faacee :) Dog playing cards

not sure if he’s bluffing or just wants to hump your leg, are you? guessing this is a chiuaua, either way, he loves to pose for the camera

Funny cat picture

Gimme gimme gimme! sweet sweet cough syrup nom nom nom πŸ˜€

Sleepy monorail racoon resting

There are lots of monorail cats out there, but this is a rare find πŸ™‚ a furry masked thief racoon decided to get some tan on someones porch, probably after eating everything in the fridge while breaking and entering

Funny owl observers

Well, what do you know? πŸ™‚ after more than a full year, a new funny animal pic/post! Sorry about that guys, got caught up with other things, but funny animals pic post is back!

Stay alert for new updates, like these funnyΒ owls below

Kitty screwed something up

Not sure if this funny catΒ f-ed something up, or the owner is perhaps naked and freakin’ this cat out completely πŸ˜€

Piggies in color

These funny pigs are little and just awesome πŸ˜€

Laughing retriever

this idiotic smile simply tells you he’s done something bad and is happy about getting away with it πŸ˜€

Funny shaved mouse

He’s so ugly that he looks kinda cute I guess, I know some people who freak out when they see a mouse, but this wrinkly little guy is funny