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Photos of funny animals

Monorail cat line 2

All aboard, please step away from the doors and take your seats, monorail cat is about to leave the station!

A Really fast dog

For the life of me I cannot remember which commercial this was taken from, still very funny, I’d love to have a dog like that 🙂

Disappointed yet shocked owl

Say what??

Dog sleeping in subway

Wake me up when we’re close to Jersey, mmkay?

Sleepy fat pig, first viral yawn attempt

well, made me yawn 😀
if she’s got you too please post link to this page to your facebook wall or other social network page to share this site with your friends and make them yawn too 😛

Funny sloth in a box

Thinking of  a perfect gift for your loved one? we have the perfect solution that will put a smile on anyone’s face – sloth in a box! lol

Photo of several funny Llamas

Llamas always crack me up, here’s a pic of a cheerful bunch of llamas 🙂

Where did they go

Funny dog in snow looking for his buddies

Astronaut cat

I really LOL’d when I saw this pic, what the hell was in this cats head
to enter the fish bowl and trap itself completely

Funny husky

You wanted to see a pic of a funny dog? well, here’s one nosy husky 🙂