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Funny redneck dog

He probably just got the news about possible gun ban..


Yes, he is.

Funny shaved mouse

He’s so ugly that he looks kinda cute I guess, I know some people who freak out when they see a mouse, but this wrinkly little guy is funny

Very small chameleon

I think this little guy doesn’t even need his chameleon camouflage abilities to go unnoticed πŸ™‚

Weird funny zebra up close

Zebras aren’t so cute up close, are they? this one seems to be missing a cigar and a pimp hat.

Sleepy fat pig, first viral yawn attempt

well,Β made me yawn πŸ˜€
if she’s got you too please post link to this page to your facebook wall or other social network page to share this site with your friends and make them yawn too πŸ˜›

Really angry really ugly chihuahua

…and this is why i don’t like chihuahuas (or is it chiuauas?)..

Spooky black cat

this black cat with huge yelow eyes is not a nice first thing to see after you wake up is it? πŸ™‚

Fierce man-eating monkey

This is one of the first fierce creatures to be featured on this website,
and beware, if you run into one of these man eating monkeys outdoors,
your life could be in danger.. well, not really, but he’s still funny biting that finger πŸ™‚

Ugly little fella

Not sure actually what this is, an oposum or some kind of a monkey,
but this little fella is ugly and totally cute at the same time!
Funny and shocked little animal